UPEACE and Arden University International Conference: Sustainable Development and Global Inclusion Goals

UPEACE and Arden University International Conference: Sustainable Development and Global Inclusion Goals

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st UPEACE International Conference and Arden University. This online conference will bring together scholars and practitioners from the International University for Peace – Rome and Arden University in an exciting collaboration that reflects Arden’s growing international reputation as a provider of opportunities for students from all over the world from different and non-traditional contexts. This is reiterated by the conference’s objective to explore the role of equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Conference theme: Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Exploring the role of equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights in theory and practice The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals represent a global commitment to improving people’s lives around the world. Since 2015, many initiatives have sought to progress towards these goals, although the UN acknowledges that this needs to happen more quickly. The theme of this conference is to examine how we can achieve this in relation to Sustainable Development Goal 10 (reducing inequalities within and between countries) and Sustainable Development Goal 16 (promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies). Together, these two objectives address fundamental issues related to the search for equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights, all of which are fundamental values of UPEACE and Arden University.

Presentations and contributions to the conference In line with the objectives of the conference, we welcome a wide range of contributions, which may include traditional academic articles but also other forms of participation, as ideas for workshop discussions or presentations of progress within UDI in different contexts. Presentations and contributions may, but are not limited to, cover the following topics:

  • The theoretical and conceptual basis of the Sustainable Development Goals 10 and 16
  • Empirical studies related to the objectives of sdgs 10 and 16
  • Case studies on UDI initiatives in higher education
  • Exploring structural and systemic discrimination and innovative methods to address it
  • Ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in fostering digital inclusion, equality and global security
  • Analysis of the role of institutions and organisations in promoting peace and justice The conference will include a series of thematic sessions and we hope to organise round tables and plenary sessions.

Key speakers The details of the key speakers will be updated shortly.

How to upload your presentation/participation If you would like to attend the conference, use the link below to provide a summary of 250-400 words of how you intend to contribute. This could be a summary of an article or a research or a proposal for a workshop or a table …

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Key dates and deadlines

  • Date of event: 15 November 2023, opening hours to be defined
  • Deadline for presentations: 17.00 on Friday 1 September 2023
  • Accepted submissions will be notified by Monday 2 October
  • Registration for the online event will open on Monday 9 October

Contact us

And you have questions for the conference organizing team, please email UPEACEArden@arden.ac.uk.