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Alessandria, via San Francesco d’Assisi, 3
Bari, via Domenico Nicolai, 248
Brindisi, via Tor Pisana, 102
Lecce, via Dalmazio Birago, 9
Perugia, via Dei Filosofi, 40
Pescara, via Stradonetto, 44
Roma, via Appia Pignatelli, 235
Roma, via Nomentana, 54
Taranto, via Japigia, 13
Terni, vico San Procolo, 10
Torino, via Saorgio, 44

The Rome Academy

In November 2015 University for Peace (UPEACE, Costa Rica) governing bodies signed a cooperation agreement with President prof.eng. Gianni Cara, already responsible for Europe of the ‘World Organization for Peace’. The agreement established a delegated office in Italy, which works alongside other existing offices in Holland, in Japan, in Philippines, in Chile, and Ethiopia. The International University for Peace – Rome – was identified by UPEACE as the legal entity with the task to establish the Roman office, whose aim is to provide innovative and qualified courses. Furthermore, there were established a headquarters in Rome and a Device Operations Section based in Naples (Complesso Altamira), located in a very innovative business accelerator area. The University has a unique worldwide authorization to award academic degrees, recognized by all countries which are members of the General Assembly (see Accreditation). It is committed to creating and sustaining the conditions to become a model for cross-university collaboration, and to expand and to reach East and Southern Europe, the Mediterranean area, the Middle East, the Equatorial Africa, the Sub-Saharan Africa.